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Features of cupQ

cupQ aka "cupQuery" is an easy-to-use cross-browser open source JavaScript library that allows querying and manipulation of HTML DOM document using standard selectors to get output as an array.

Any cupQ method always returns results in a form of an array. So to track any individual values of the result an index is used to specify the target item or node in the resulting array.

By default, the cupQ starts Querying the HTML DOM from the root or the 'document' object element. But this can be customised to start querying from any specific node of the DOM by supplying "targetNode" which can be document or any DOM node or an array with nodes.

Using cupQ, developers can do lot more than just querying HTML DOM to get array of nodes or HTML elements. It can be used to execute getter / setters to target and manipulate different nodes and their attributes, styles, html and text contents.

Any cupQ Object supports plugin architecture, so it can be extended to add new features utilizing the existing ones.


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