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Say hello to cupQ !

cupQ (aka "cupQuery")is an easy-to-use cross-browser open source JavaScript framework that allows querying and manipulation of HTML DOM document using standard selectors to get output as an array of result values. With cupQ, controlling HTML DOM is now everybody's cup of tea!

cupQis licensed under The MIT License (MIT)



Current status of the project.

  1. Current Version: 0.2 (click here to browse the latest code online at GitHub
  2. License: cupQ is licensed under The MIT License (MIT)
What's new in this version?
  • Added support for plugin architecture. Now extending cupQ is also everybody's cup of tea!Anyone can now create plugins for cupQ to add powerful features.
  • Disabled auto initialisation of browser detection, which was there in v 0.1. Now the developer has to initialise it manually if required.
  • Now each cupQ object instance is created, it will have an unique ID, which will appear in trace(), that will allow developers to easily track the target instance from debug information from the console .
  • cupQ initiation method now by default does not return the result array of nodes list . The init() method now returns the cupQ object. This is a major change.
  • For nodes List we can now use cupQ property "nodesArray" (e.g. _().init().nodesArray )or a new method called "getNodesArray()"
    (e.g. _().init().getNodesArray() or _().getNodesArray() ) 

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